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Big Ten Wrestling Pre-Seeds Announced

The Big Ten conference released their pre-seeds. These seeds will be finalized into a bracket at the end of this week, pending a small bit of haggling by coaches on a conference call. Expect a tiny smidgen of change from that exercise, but nothing wholesale.

Here is what your Penn State Nittany Lions drew (so far):

125: Carson Kuhn (14) vs Tomasello (3) in the first round

133: Corey Keener (6) vs TBD

141: Nick Lee (2) vs TBD

149: Zain Retherford (1) vs BYE

157: Jason Nolf (tied for 1st) vs TBD

165: Vincenzo Joseph (3) vs Sepke (14)

174: Mark Hall (1) vs TBD

184: Bo Nickal (1) vs TBD

197: Shakur Rasheed (2) vs TBD

285: Nick Nevills (3) vs TBD

Projected Team Scoring (before bonus):

Skool Naym Points
PSU 135
OSU 132
MICH 101.5
RUT 61
NEB 60.5
ILL 49.5
MINN 48.5
PUR 47.5
JNW 46.5
WISC 41.5
IND 14.5
UMD 14.5
MSU 5.5

The team points above are without bonus points. They also split the 157 lb tie for 1st by giving Mikey Kemerer the 1, and Jason Nolf the 2.