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MatCast Special Episode: Black Shoe Degenerates Hits the Mats

Come one, come all for our NCAA Tourney pool breakdown

NCAA Wrestling: Division I Wrestling Championship Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re like myself, or many other NCAA Wrestling fans, you like to add a little intrigue to the NCAA tournament.

Some have fantasy drafts, others have various tournament pools, but adding a bit of financial stakes to the tournament ups the ante even more.

In this special edition of the Lions 247 MatCast, myself and Garrett go through the brackets and give you the following:

  • The stone cold, lock it up, easy picks to make for your pool
  • Some value picks on the 3-4 line
  • Which top seeds are highly susceptible to a letdown
  • Which wrestlers down the bracket will outperform their seed or provide some potentially big bonus points
  • Unseeded wrestlers who can be All-Americans

This episode and all other episodes can be found on ITunes, the Apple Podcast app, Spotify, Google Play Music and on Libsyn in addition to the link below.

So tune in and hopefully win some money!