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LIVE WRESTLING: No. 2 Penn State NCAA Session Two

Nick Nevills WBF

We began at Noon ET with 170 fights between the best 330 collegiate wrestlers in the country. By the end of this round, 90 of those wrestlers will be eliminated, with no need to wake up and weigh-in tomorrow morning.

The blood, guts, and tears come quickly in this sport. Welcome to Session Two.

Session One Results

133 UN-Keener LBF 11-Forys (PITT)
141 8-Lee LBF UN-Diehl (UMD)
149 1-ZPain WTF UN-Springer (EMU)
157 3-Nolf WTF UN-Heffernan (CMU)
165 3-Meatball WMD UN-Schleifer (PRIN)
174 2-Marky WMD UN-Rose (DREX)
184 1-Bo WMD UN-Mueller (SDSU)
197 5-Sugar WMD UN-Root (CIT)
285 3-Nick WBF UN-Suglio (KENT)

Not a great start for our heroes. Corey worked for a cradle that backfired on him, and got pinned. Nick Lee went a little too fast and too loose, and got pancaked. Zain woke us from our nightmare, and the rest of the boys chipped in with bonus point wins.

Team Scores - End of Session One

Place Team Points
1st Iowa 18.5
2nd Ohio State 17
3rd Penn State 16
4th Michigan 13
5th NC State 12

Don’t panic. It’s early.

Top 12 Seeds Upset

125: NONE

133: 5-John Erneste (MIZZ), 12-Josh Terao (AU)

141: 8-Nick Lee (PSU), 9-Josh Alber (UNI)

149: NONE

157: 2-Joey Lavallee (MIZZ), 11-Clayton Ream (NDSU)

165: 8-Chandler Rogers (OKST)

174: NONE

184: 10-Emery Parker (ILL), 12-Bryce Carr (UTC)

197: 9-Preston Weigel (OKST), 10-Scottie Boykin (UTC), 11-Corey Griego (ORST), 12-Stephen Loiseau (DREX)

285: NONE

Session Two Matches

Consi1 UN-Keener 133 UN-Sykora (NDSU)
Consi1 8-Lee 141 9-Alber (UNI)
Champ2 1-ZPain 149 UN-Bannister (UMD)
Champ2 3-Nolf 157 14-Crone (WISC)
Champ2 3-Meatball 165 14-Ashworth (WYO)
Champ2 2-Marky 174 15-Lydy (PURD)
Champ2 1-Bo 184 16-Ellingwood (CMU)
Champ2 5-Sugar 197 UN-Chaid (UNC)
Champ2 3-Nick 285 14-Boykin (NCST)

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