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Surprise, Saquon Barkley is Blowing Everybody Away at the NFL Combine


NFL: Combine Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Saquon Barkley and the NFL Draft Combine were made for one another.

We’ve seen what Saquon can do on the field in games, but he may be even better in athletic testing.

Everybody heard has the Bo Jackson-like stories about his testing numbers. We’ve seen the twitter videos of his workouts. We all knew he would blow NFL personnel away in the interview portion.

After posting 29 bench press reps at 225 on Thursday (topping all running backs alongside Nick Chubb of Georgia), Barkley took to the field on Friday and put on an absolute show.

Barkley started the day by putting everybody whose been living under a rock the last two years on notice when, at 6-foot, 233 pounds, he posted a standing vertical jump of 41 inches.

But that wasn’t the end of the day.

Barkley then took on the 40-yard dash.

Penn State had him hand-clocked last summer at 4.33, I had set the over-under at 4.42 (which is insane at that size), and BetDSI had it set at 4.37.

Barkley’s first 40 was a doozy, initially laser timed at 4.41 and then officially changed to 4.40.

On his second attempt, Barkley slipped out of the start and still managed to run 4.42.

His top time of 4.40 was second only to NC State running back Nyheim Hines.

Hines, a member of Wolfpack’s ACC Championship winning 4x100 meter relay team, weighed in at 198 pounds, a full 35 pounds less than Barkley.

Lest you think he was done, Barkley then went out and displayed his catching ability as he showed some of, if not the best hands of any running back at the combine.