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B1G Wrestling Session I Recap

Penn State wrestled to seed and maximized bonus points to keep themselves in great position to retake the Big Ten Conference Tournament Team Championship.

Penn State Wrestling Fans set another attendance record at the Bryce Jordan Center
Mark Selders (

That was fun as heck.

Penn State and Ohio State wrestled almost perfectly chalk, with Ohio State leading advancement and placement points and Penn State leading in ponus Points.

Team Score breakouts after Session I


NaTo looks good, and oh my word the smile on Carson Kuhn’s face after his consolation Major Decision!


Keener just wasn’t aggressive enough against a gassing McKee, and Pletcher got booed out of the arena after his controversial first win.


Nick Lee looked good on collision course for a McKenna rematch tomorrow afternoon.


Zain’s bye and successfully pain-averse opponent conspired to limit PSU bonus here, but tonight is a new opportunity as he and Hayes rematch.


Nolf and knee brace looked fine enough. He regenerates pretty well. Micah squeaked out his advancement.


Cenzo played it fast and loose and nearly got Minnesota gator-bacon’d for real. Te’Shan, meet the Bull!


Mark Hall’s perfect and he’s looked chill doing it. BoJo looking strong as well.


Bo Nickal made up for his bye with a bang. And MyMar’s doing some team wrestling of his own.


Rasheed mauled the Southern Scuffle, but this morning he wrestled like this was a different stage.

It is.

Moore’s been there before and wrestled fine. On course!


Nevills looked fine. Snyder looked really tired, even though I know he barely was. Can Nick solve the 2x Champ tonight?

Next Up

Tonight’s gonna be lit. It’s time for Michigan and Iowa to inject themselves into the team race. How Penn State & Ohio State each deal with their Wolverine and Hawkeye opponents will determine what’s still available tomorrow.