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Troy Apke Runs 4.34 40, Posts 41” Vertical at NFL Combine

Is Troy Apke the most athletic white dude of all time? Who knows?

NCAA Football: Michigan at Penn State Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

So that gust of air you just felt? That was Penn State safety Troy Apke running A FREAKING 4.34 40-YARD DASH at the NFL Combine. Apke is just the latest Nittany Lion to wow NFL personnel and immensely improve his draft stock in the last several days.

Go get yourself paid, Mr. Apke.

(ED NOTE: Apke’s official time was even better than initially thought as it was adjusted from an UO 4.35 to an official 4.34)

But if you thought the Mt. Lebo product was done after that, boy were you mistaken!

All Apke did as an encore was go out and post a 41-inch vertical jump, the best of any defensive back in Indy.

We’re currently running the numbers, but if you can find any white dude that went 4.34/41” at the combine, that’s one more than we know of.