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Success With Hyperlinking Is Ready For The Spring Game: Now We Just Need Spring To Arrive

Other than a short blast of heat late last week, it has been a very chilly April in Happy Valley. You know what they say about the weather in State College, right? If you don’t like it, just wait a few months.

Hurricane Dennis Courtesy of DAVE GATLEY/FEMA

Will spring arrive in time for the spring football game this weekend? It has been a cooler than usual March and April in State College, but this weekend it looks like it will be dry for the game.

While the temperature for the game may be a dozen or so degree less than normal, at least there does not appear to be rain in the forecast.

Penn State Football

With James Franklin’s football team ready to play the annual Blue-White game this weekend, CBS Sports has Penn State as the front-runner in the Big Ten even while having to replace Saquon Barkley. Mark Brennan of 247Sports touts Miles Sanders as well in another article that deals with the transition from Barkley to Sanders. It’s nice to see that there is reason to wake up in the morning for Penn State fans now that Barkley has moved on to the NFL.

One of the most anticipated debuts in quite a while for the Penn State football team will take place on Saturday. Let’s hear from defensive coordinator Brent Pry whether Micah Parsons will be ready to perform.

Spring Sports

The Penn State Bowling Club will compete for a national championship in Nashville.

Penn State baseball will have a very high draft pick next season in the annual college baseball draft. Hold on, someone’s talking in my ear. Oh. My bad. There’s no draft for college baseball. So the team will not benefit in any way from its 7-22 record this season. The Lions unfortunately dropped all three games this weekend versus Ohio State.

Men’s tennis fell to No.6 Illinois 4-0 on Sunday. The Lions played well but ultimately fell to a very solid Illinois team. The Penn State men’s tennis team features an array of international players. The eleven-man team has players from six separate countries on the squad.

University News

The International Student Council is celebrating Penn State’s diversity this weekend. You will probably see some tennis players there, maybe a hockey player or two.

One type of international diversity that will not be tolerated this spring is that of the spotted lanternfly from Asia. Penn State Extension and The College of Agricultural Sciences will work together to study and control the uninvited guests.