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Top Penn State Linebacker Target Andre White Commits to Texas A&M

Oh, boy.

Andre White

In one of the most out-of-the-blue commitments in quite sometime, Pennsylvania three-star linebacker Andre White Jr. made the call for Texas A&M while on an unofficial visit in College Station.

Previously, White had a top two of Penn State and USC so his commitment to Texas A&M was way out of left field. This was his first visit to College Station too, and for him to make the call for the Aggies not even 24 hours into the trip is something that does not happen frequently. But as he told Brian Dohn of 247Sports, he felt at home once he got on campus at Texas A&M, and decided he didn’t need to wait any longer to join the Aggies.

For Penn State, this is obviously quite the loss. Despite only having a three-star ranking, White was someone who the Nittany Lions had very high on their board very early in the process. He had the size, athleticism, and instincts to help some shaky linebacker depth early in his career, and eventually, someone who could man the middle of the defense.

Fortunately, the Nittany Lions are still in a good position for five-star Brandon Smith, and remain right in the picture for four-star Lance Dixon, but the loss of White — and to a lesser extent, Shane Lee — certainly muddies the waters. I wouldn’t be surprised if James Franklin and Co. throw out a couple new linebacker offers if they sense White is solid to the Aggies. Two guys I like who have visited Penn State before: Ohio’s Luke Fulton and New Jersey’s Mohamed Toure.