PSU/NLWC wrestlers in action this month

First, Flo gives out some serious, and not so serious awards post NCAAs. The MVW award goes to the guy that clinched the team title on Saturday night and a few other PSU winners as well.

But now it's time to turn your attention to the Freestyle, Greco and MMA action starting with so fresh, so clean, looking for blood, Mr. Ed Ruth. Ed's 4-0 in his MMA career and says he's just getting started.

"It’s only the tip of the iceberg. I like to tell people this straight up — my evolution is going to be something that people have never seen before. I just want to bring a whole new dimension to fighting that people have never (seen). Me, personally, I definitely know I can do that and its definitely within my skill set. I’m also always pushing myself to the next level. I’m never satisfied where I’m at. It’s always a big deal for me to prove that not only am I good at this, but I can always get better. I’m always learning, because I’m a student of this sport."

Ed's cutting weight again, going at 175lbs, Friday night in Budapest against 17-7 Ion Pascu.

Also this weekend, in Iowa City, Team USA looks to win the Team World Cup. The Magic Man crushed this tourney last time in Iran and his team mate at 86kg is Bo Nickal. Frank Molinaro is behind James Green at 70kg. Captain America is on the team as well but Retherford is sitting this one out.

Unfortunately, no politics, Iran and Russia are not competing this weekend. But, to keep you entertained, the Mongolians, not naked under their clothes, have accepted the invitation. Team USA has to be heavy favorites, right?

Then, last weekend of the month, Sin City hosts the U.S. Open. This is probably my favorite freestyle tournament because everyone is jockeying to qualify for the World Team Trials. Flo has a list of who's qualified for the WTT (World medalists, NCAA Champs and Bill Farrell top placers) and who hasn't yet (David Taylor and Mark Hall).

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