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MMQB: What Round Does Trace McSorley Get Drafted In Next Year?

Future so bright, gotta wear shades.

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There’s been much talk about Trace McSorley’s prospects as an NFL quarterback. While I would take Trace No. 1 overall, I am actually going to be serious with this one because Trace’s draft stock is one of the more interesting story lines to follow over the next year.

First and foremost, Baker Mayfield going No. 1 is a good sign for McSorley’s draft stock. Yeah, sure, they aren’t exactly alike, but there’s way more in common between the two than different. While fair or not, what Mayfield does his rookie season will play a big part in Trace’s — and other shorter quarterbacks — stock. If Mayfield wins the job and looks like a competent quarterback, it will have teams reconsider quarterbacks who don’t have the measurables.

Here’s the thing, though — Trace’s size is still going to be a knock so he needs a big senior year really in two areas: completion percentage and TD/INT ratio.

He improved his completion percentage dramatically between his sophomore and junior seasons — jumping from 57.9% to 66.5% — and will need to do so again during his senior year. Mayfield had back-to-back seasons of at least a completion percentage of 70% so that seems like a good mark for Trace to aim (pun intended) for.

The interceptions are another thing Trace will have to cut down on. While he isn’t quite the gunslinger his haters like to make him be — 19 interceptions over two seasons is actually pretty good — he can certainly improve his decision making, especially from an NFL perspective. Again, comparing him to Mayfield, a season of seven interceptions or less would be ideal.

All that being said, where do you think Trace gets drafted next year?