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Penn State-Pitt Series Not Being Renewed Until At Least 2030

Probably longer, though.

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

If you were expecting to see Pat Narduzzi roaming Penn State’s sideline beyond 2019, well, do I have good news for you. Penn State A.D. Sandy Barbour announced during the first stop of the PSU Coaches Caravan tour that an extension of the rivalry with Pitt won’t be happening until 2030 at the earliest, according to John McGonigal of the CDT.

Despite Pitt A.D. Heather Lyke trying to publicly put pressure on Penn State by saying that a contract was very close to be doing done, it comes as no surprise that Penn State is putting the series on hold for the foreseeable future.

“Yeah, no surprise that Penn State is scared of Pitt!” -Ignorant Pitt fan

No, ding dong brains. That’s actually not it. It’s two-fold:

  • There are six non-conference games every two years. Penn State wants at least five of them to be home games because college athletics is, you know, a business, and the football program here in Happy Valley covers the cost for the myriad of other sports within Penn State athletics.
  • If Penn State played Pitt every season, that means Penn State wouldn’t have the opportunity for other home-and-homes. No Virginia Tech. No West Virginia. No Auburn. That would be a bummer.

I liked the renewal of the Pitt series. Was a ton of fun, drank tons of Pitt tears. But it’s not something that needs to be played every year. Let’s give it a 15-year break or so, and then maybe we’ll reconvene again. Maybe.