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MMQB: Who Has the Worst Mascot in College Football?

There’s only one true choice, but let’s open this up for discussion.

Colorado v Nebraska Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Last week, we discussed which team had the worst uniforms in college football. This week, let’s kick things off with a similar topic (and a tip of the hat to BSDer Lionbacker99 for the suggestion)- which college football program has the worst mascot?

There’s no denying there are some pretty ridiculous choices out there. The Buckeyes come to mind, but they deserve credit for having a unique, arguably iconic, mascot. Big Red from Western Kentucky, the Syracuse Orange and the Stanford Tree are oddballs, but lovable oddballs that bring a smile to your face. But when it comes to the worst, Nebraska’s Lil’ Red easily takes the corn cake. With a big, dumb inflatable face and his gaudy red overalls, it’s the one mascot that everyone seems to love to hate. I can say plenty of generous things about Nebraska as a program (as long as we keep 1994 out of it) and its fanbase, but I have nothing but contempt for Lil’ Red and every person who has contributed towards his existence as a college football mascot. For shame, Nebraska. I mean, what the hell is going on here?:

So what say you, BSD reader? What is the worst mascot in college football? And for any ‘Huskers who stumble upon our corner of the internet, do Nebraska fans actually like Lil’ Red?