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SwH Brings Urgent And Horrifying News Story

Big Ten Championship - Penn State v Wisconsin Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Friday, mid-day. You’re puttering along thru life at 35mph in low 3rd gear, mindlessly trying to make the weekend.

Well no longer, friend. Double-clutch to 2nd, stomp the throttle, and rip that tach to redline as you listen to four ugly white dudes having a blast in 1980, because being born ugly wasn’t a musical felony in those days. Video did indeed murder the radio star.

Ministere des Sports - Subcommittee de Massif (futbol l’americain)

Today’s Sponsorship

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Other Stuff

  • Final X is this Saturday at Rec Hall. Three more spots on Team USA will be decided on the mat. Grab your ticket now, and watch PSU favorite David Taylor steamroll Nick Reenan at 86kg (189lbs). Can’t make it? Here’s a link to the Flo boys’ coverage.
  • We’re opponents on the recruiting trail, but Virginia Tech is our partner in the classroom. PSU and the elite Hokies (along with PSU-Altoona and Lehigh) will be splitting $2.5M from the federal gov’ment to research “improving the durability” of transportation infrastructure. The schools announced they’ll immediately be allocating $1.75M of funding toward the purchase of thousands of gallons of ‘Flex Seal’, the TV infomercial rubberized adhesive product. “Well, we got a hunch, and we’re putting a lot of our eggs in the Billy Mays basket,” explained project leader Biff Beefman, associate professor of material sciences at Virginia Tech.
  • Enjoy your weekend, BSD. Here’s Denis Leary.