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Tony Carr Selected By New Orleans Pelicans in The 2018 NBA Draft

For the first time in nearly 20 years, a Penn Stater has been drafted by an NBA team.

NCAA Basketball: NIT-Penn State vs Mississippi State Nicole Sweet-USA TODAY Sports

After a less-than-stellar performance during the combines, Tony Carr saw his draft stock plummet from borderline first-round pick to being one of the last picks of the evening (or even undrafted). It turns out however, that a 6’5” guard with a soft three-point shooting touch is way too enticing to be passed on during the latter stages of the draft, which is why the New Orleans Pelicans took the plunge and selected Carr with the 51st pick.

The Pellies will be adding some quality depth to their point guard ranks, as Tone is someone who could be brought in to add some height to the team’s lineup while also being able to provide some instant offense off the bench with his perimeter shooting capabilities. His lack of athleticism and defensive liabilities may prevent him from seeing more minutes than he otherwise might, but nonetheless, his height and shooting capabilities alone are reason enough to give him a chance.

Congratulations Tone, and best of luck to you!