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Success With Hyperlinking is Going for (and winning) the Gold

Lots of football-related news, as well as another ex-Nittany Lion champion in today’s links!

NFL: New York Giants-OTA Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

A 2015 alumnus of Dear Old State has captured a gold medal in the USTAF Championships. I’ve only held a shot a few times, and I don’t think I could throw it six feet the way that they have to throw them. Congrats, Darrell!

Penn State has made the process of becoming a Nittany Lion a little easier with their decision to offer the Common Application as an option for students applying in 2018-19. As someone who works with students on college essays in both their junior and senior years (and who uses the Common App prompts), this is welcome news. Best of luck to those hoping to attend Penn State in the future!

A Penn State Commonwealth Campus has brought athletics back to their campus for the first time in two decades. It may be cliché, but it’s really nice to see a team focused on playing for the love of the school and sport. #KeepClimbing, Shenango.


Penn Live has ranked Penn State’s football matchups in 2018 according to difficulty. I personally would switch the second and third spot (yes, I know one is on the road and one is at home). Also, the fact that Ohio State comes to Happy Valley in late September instead of November makes a huge difference, and almost makes me want to move them...but I’m not that radical.

OTE has a preview of the 2018 football season. If I had a nickel for the amount of times someone said Penn State would be better without Saquon Barkley...

Speaking of Saquon, he still doesn’t think he’s known for breaking tackles. SB will also appear in Sports Illustrated’s Body Issue.

In recruiting news, despite some recent losses, the Nittany Lions are already the leader for a 2021 signal-caller.