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Only Damion Barber Until Penn State Football

90 days!

Heather Weikel, Black Shoe Diaries

When Damion Barber (pictured above, trying to stop Mark Allen in this year’s Blue-White Game). was recruited out of Harrisburg as a 4-star defensive end, expectations about how he would contribute to Sean Spencer’s “Wild Dogs” were rather bullish. After redshirting his freshman year last season, Barber has since put on a significant amount of weight, going from 245 to 278 pounds and switching to the defensive tackle position back in February. Given the lack of depth at the defensive tackle spot, if Damion were to become a reliable run stuffer, it would help alleviate one of the greatest concerns about the team (i.e. can PSU stop the run?).

Furthermore, as a good friend of current freshman and fellow Harrisburg native Micah Parsons, there’s little doubt that he also played a role in convincing Micah that Happy Valley was indeed, the place for him.

And with that folks, we are only 90 days away from the season opener against App State. Can you feel the excitement, yet?