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MMQB: Who Has the Worst Uniforms in College Football?

College football has no shortage of ugly uniforms.

NCAA Football: New Mexico at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Opinions on Penn State’s uniforms typically fall into two camps- they are one of, if not the, very best in college football with the iconic, no frills, timeless style and a perfect color combination of navy blue and white (the correct answer). Or they are seen as stuck in the past, too plain and boring with the simple white helmet with a blue stripe and no flair to the uniforms (the wrong answer).

There are many lines of thought when it comes to the best uniforms- Alabama, Notre Dame, Michigan come to mind, among others. But who has the worst uniform in college football?

There are many strong candidates (looking at you, Maryland), but there is one that always makes me cringe- the Wyoming Cowboys.

Before I get too negative, let me say a few nice things about Wyoming. I sincerely like and respect Wyoming Football. One of my favorite college football memories was the 1996 WAC Championship Game between Wyoming and BYU. After Texas pulled off a stunning upset of national champion favorite Nebraska earlier in the day, I cheered my heart out for Wyoming to upset BYU so that Penn State could move up one spot in the polls. BYU had one of the best teams in college football, but the Joe Tiller-led Cowboys gave every last ounce of effort before ultimately falling 28-25 in overtime. Despite the outcome, I still remember it as one of the most thrilling college football games I had ever witnessed.

I respect what Wyoming has done to maintain a solid football program, despite being the least populated state in that nation with just over a half-million residents. Criag Bohl has them on the right track, and the program should continue to build after winning eight games in both 2016 and 2017. But those uniforms...

It’s hard to put together a remotely attractive uniform with a color combination that makes the Cleveland Browns look appealing. Seriously, brown and dark yellow? It’s a color combination you don’t see much outside of a toilet bowl the morning after a particular rough night of fast food and cheap beer. The font on the jerseys is difficult to read and looks like it belongs on an invitation for a duel at high noon. The logo isn’t bad, but doesn’t do much to help make their uniforms distinctive.

So what say you, BSD reader? Which program has the worst uniforms in college football?