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Only Judge Culpepper Until Penn State Football

88 days!

Unfortunately, we don’t have a photo that we can (legally) use on this website of incoming freshman defensive tackle Judge Culpepper, who will be rocking the #88 jersey this Fall, so we’ll have to make do with a random photo of the Nittany Lion. The 6’4” 275-pound DT from Tampa recently enrolled a few weeks ago at the start of the first Summer session, so he is very much in the process of getting himself acclimated to campus life and being far away from home in Florida. Judge will also be getting himself acclimated to the DT position and the speed of the college game, as well as going up against opposing Division 1-caliber offensive linemen, so a redshirt season seems highly likely in 2018,

Additionally, as an Arrested Development fan, I can’t help but notice that Culpepper shares the first name of the actor Judge Reinhold, who was the judge on a fake TV-style courtroom show called “Mock Trial With J. Reinhold.”