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Only Courtney Brown Until Penn State Football

86 days...time to honor one of the most ferocious defensive linemen in Penn State history (once again).

Courtney Brown

Look, I have absolutely nothing but the utmost respect for what Courtney Brown accomplished during his playing days when he lead some of the most ferocious defenses in Penn State football history back in the late 90’s. However, given the fact that Mr. Brown was BSD’s 86 days representative last year and in 2016, I really, truly, hope that one of the incoming freshmen plans on donning the #86 jersey. Aside from this “days until” series being meant to honor current players on the roster, there is only so much you can write about a past player’s accomplishment before you start to sound like a broken record.

So, in lieu of re-hashing Courtney’s accomplishments, here’s a YouTube video featuring my favorite highlight of his: A pick-six off of Drew Brees.