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Success with Hyperlinking is Exceeding Expectations

NCAA Football: Fiesta Bowl-Penn State vs Washington Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Exceeding Expectations It’s pretty easy for Nittany Lion fans to be optimistic about the future of the program at this point. Need another? Consider all of the current and recent players who exceeded expectations based on their recruiting rankings. James Franklin and Co. have done a bang up job developing a group comprised of mostly three star imagine what they will be able to do with a roster stacked with four and five-star players.

Making an Impression No surprise here, but Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill is really excited to have Mike Gesicki join his offense after getting a close-up look at his abilities in the pass-catching game.

A Promise Kept People make promises they never intend to keep all the time- for instance, Mel Kiper Jr., who should be retired by now. That wasn’t the case for Ryan Gates, a Buffalo radio producer who actually made good on his promise and quit his job after the Bills drafted Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen.

Keeping Your Enemies Close Urban Meyer discussed the importance of coming through in rivalry games...right in front of Jim Harbaugh.

Degree of Difficulty If Penn State is to reclaim a Big Ten Championship in 2018, they will have a tough road ahead of them. The Nittany Lions have the second toughest schedule in the Big Ten, with Nebraska coming in first and Illinois having the easiest path.

New Faces Victory Bell Rings profiles linebacker Ellis Brooks, a redshirt freshman who may be able to take the middle linebacker spot and allow Micah Parsons to slide outside. They also take a look at tight end Joe Arcangelo, who could be in the mix to help replace Mike Gesicki.