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TMQB: Does Penn State Have a Trap Game in 2018?

Where does Penn State need to be extra careful not to slip up this fall?

Penn State v Michigan State Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

You hear it every year heading into the season- “(Insert team name here) will win a game they shouldn’t win, and lose a game they shouldn’t lose.” It happens every Saturday throughout the fall, when an overmatched team finds a way to best an opponent they wouldn’t beat nine times out of 10.

Penn State should be favored in nearly all of their games, but we should always expect the unexpected in college football. With that in mind, does Penn State have a “trap game” on the 2018 schedule that has you on upset alert?

The one potential upset that sticks out for me is Indiana. Sure, on paper the Nittany Lions should easily outclass the Hoosiers. However, Penn State will head to Bloomington during a troublesome spot in the schedule- immediately following showdowns against Ohio State and Michigan State, and prior to a rough three game stretch against Iowa, Michigan and Wisconsin. Indiana also has a recent history of giving highly ranked opponents all they can handle in Bloomington. At some point, they seemed poised to pull off a massive upset at home. Furthermore, this game just screams “noon kickoff” when you consider all the aforementioned high profile games for Penn State that will be either 3:30 or primetime clashes. While I fully expect Penn State to walk out of Bloomington with a victory, it’s easy to see all the classic markings of a trap game on Oct. 20.

So what say you, BSD reader? Is there a potential trap game on the schedule that has you concerned?