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Only DeOn’tae Pannell Until Penn State Football

Just 50 days left before the 2018 football season starts!


Offensive lineman DeOn’tae Pannell was around for some of the near-highest highs of Penn State football (2008 season) and the lowest lows for the program (do I really have to say it?). He signed with the Nittany Lions in 2008 over offers from Michigan, MSU, and Wisconsin, and played significantly over his career.

Unlike most offensive linemen, Pannell played in his true freshman season for the Lions, garnering a Big Ten Champions ring in the process. He was a primary backup for both his sophomore and junior seasons as well, starting sporadically, and in particular his play during his junior season was maligned by some after the comedown after two back-to-back top ten finishes.

He became a full-time starter in his final season at Penn State, helping the Lions to a ranked start before everything came crashing down around the team in November.

Pannell has landed on his feet, though, making his mark as the defensive coordinator at Peru State College.