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Only Ellison Jordan Until Penn State Football

In just six more Saturdays we get Penn State football!

Frank Hyatt, 247Sports

Ellison Jordan joined Penn State as part of the 2016 recruiting class, a composite 4-star defensive tackle. Unlike some other defensive line prospects, who are on the small side and will be asked to bulk up to play defensive tackle, Jordan was made for the interior of the line. Standing 6’0” and weighing in at 305 pounds, Ellison is a monster in the middle of the defensive line.

After spending 2016 as a redshirt year, Jordan played sparingly in 2017, appearing in seven games. This was mostly due to the depth ahead of him, as Curtis Cothran, Parker Cothren, Kevin Givens, Robert Windsor, and Tyrell Chavis were all ahead of Ellison on the depth chart. With the departure of the Cothræn and Chavis, Jordan now finds himself squarely in the backup role, behind Windsor and Givens.

We all know how much Coach Chaos likes to rotate his Wild Dogs, so expect to see Jordan’s production increase rapidly from his 2017 output. There are many who believe that defensive tackle is a weak spot on the PSU defense - if Ellison can show out this year, those fears may be put to rest.

Six weeks until kickoff!