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SwH Asks For A Spot in the Safety Room

NCAA Football: Big Ten Football Media Day
“Everyone say ‘awkward’ on 3..2..1..”
Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Before video recorders, a musician merely had to play an instrument. After video hit, it quickly became apparent that it was far better for sales to look good pretending to play an instrument you know nothing about, than to look hideous or overweight playing an instrument well. Far easier to dub sound from actual musicians over the video of pretty people after the fact.

But in the 1970s, music executives hadn’t yet come to that realization. And, thankfully for us, we get to revel in the sheer joy exuding from “Ram Jam” - a band fabricated around the success of a rearranged Lead Belly blues riff. The look on the bassist’s face screams, “I can’t believe someone - anyone - wants to take my picture whilst I slap the battle axe.”

(Sadly, after this video, no one would ever again. Carpe Diem, friends.)

Playing the Foosball

Nittany Lion great Matt Millen spent a few minutes with the Allentown paper at B1G media days to give a few scouting thoughts on the James Franklin’s current squad.

Long-time special teams ace Nick Scott shares a funny story on his “26 reasons” he switched from running back to safety. Here’s the pay off:

when Saquon jumped over the Buffalo safety, I literally turned to Coach Smith was like ‘do you guys still have room in the safety room?’

In this very sentence you’re reading - right now - I’m linking to TribLive who reprints an article from USA Today, asking whether PSU foosball is ready to take...wait for it....wait a little more....the next step. Because to the few remaining dirt poor journalists out there, all movement is exactly linear and sequential.


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Other Stuff

Got kids? Enroll at Dear Old State, which just received a tad under $1M from the Department of Education for day care. (And you thought the Sandusky scandal would never wash off!)

Sandy Barbour’s making it rain, claiming a record $39M and change in athletic department donations last fiscal year - up $5.5M over FY2016.

But that’s a drop in the bucket compared to PSU’s $326M in donations pulled in last year, as part of the school’s most recent 5-year fund-raising effort, targeted at a cool $1.6B. When achieved, PSU projects to move from 26th to 19th in largest endowment, just ahead of Dartmouth and USC.

As a parting gift, look at the Ram Jam bassist go. That’s one happy dude.