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TMQB: Which Home-and-Home Would You Schedule for Penn State?

This all may or may not have been an excuse to use an image of UGA.

NCAA Football: Vanderbilt at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

News broke last week that Penn State and Temple, the second best college football team in Pennsylvania, were in talks to renew their series. The general response from Nittany Lions fans was basically, “Thanks, but no thanks.”

I’d take a match-up with Temple over another game with an Akron or Georgia State, but it does seem like a bit of a waste of a road non-conference game. Which brings us to today’s question- What home-and-home series would you schedule if you were Penn State’s athletic director for a day?

I’m having a difficult time picking just one, so here are my picks for each of the other Power 5 conferences:

ACC: Clemson

The comparisons are impossible to miss between the two programs, as Clemson is the latest team to turn the corner from a solid one to a powerhouse. Penn State has been taking steps in the right direction, and seem on the verge to become a playoff contender on a regular basis. Clemson and Penn State haven’t faced off in 30 years (the only time they met on the gridiron), so the two programs are well past due for another meeting.

Big 12: Texas

Assuming Texas is on the upswing with Tom Herman leading the helm, this match-up would generate plenty of excitement on a national basis. I’m sure many Penn State fans would jump at the opportunity to enjoy a long weekend in Austin. These programs haven’t met since 1997, and Penn State has only played one game in Austin in school history.

PAC 12: Washington

Penn State and Washington just met in the Fiesta Bowl, but I would gladly welcome more games against the Huskies. The fanbase was equal parts knowledgeable and friendly, and Chris Peterson has the program on firm footing as they expect to be a regular top 10 team with a solid chance to make the playoffs entering each season. Both are among the loudest crowds in college football, and the atmosphere would be rocking for each game.

SEC: Georgia

The obvious answer should be Alabama, but Penn State and the Tide already had a home-and-home earlier in the decade. Georgia has been recruiting at a historic rate in the past couple years, and Kirby Smart may just be the man to eventually overthrow Saban’s dynasty. Also, I would do everything in my power to pet UGA before I die. He’s a damn good dawg.

So what say you, BSD reader? If you were able to schedule any home-and-home series for Penn State, who would be your top pick?