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Success With Hyperlinking Can’t Take This Heat

It’s hotter than Helios out there!

New York Sizzles As East Coast Heatwave Continues Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

I never used to believe in spontaneous human combustion but with the weather this week, it seems much more plausible than I had previously thought. A heat wave has taken hold over much of the country. State College had a blast of hot air this past week, seeing four days in a row at or near 90 degrees.

Here were the temperatures yesterday around the country. It’s hot, y’all.

It makes me wonder whether people on Mercury use little bits of Earth in their thermometers, or if pregnant Mercurian women have to avoid eating fish since there may be an unsafe amount of Earth in it. Probably.

One thing I have trouble understanding is, if the Earth is round, why don’t things fall off? Have you ever set your beer down on a beach ball? Try it sometime. I would think that stuff that wasn’t nailed down to the planet would be sliding all over the place. In fairness, ever since an apple fell from high up in a tree and bonked me on the head when I was a teenager, I’ve had trouble grasping even the most basic scientific principles.

For people interested in learning more about science, specifically astronomy, Penn State’s AstroFest program will be taking place from July 11-14. The event will go on rain or shine and is free of charge. On clear nights visitors will be able to view Saturn and Jupiter.

The science involved in rehabbing knee injuries has improved drastically since my playing days in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Back then, we would tape an aspirin to it and hope for the best. There was a time when a serious knee injury would require two full years of recovery, but now, it seems as though many players are able to return to play the next season. John Reid is set to do just that. John McGonigal had a nice article outlining Reid’s progress and plans for the season.

The Penn State offensive line is getting some attention during the off-season. Here is a look at the development that has taken place in the past couple of seasons.

Apparently there is such a thing as waking up on the wrong side of the bed. Penn State researchers have found that anticipating a stressful day may lower your cognitive abilities.