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Black Shoes, Basic Podcast: Quick Season Preview (Ep. #1)

BREAKING: We have a podcast again.

After two seasons without a football podcast, we finally got our act together as Alex Robinson and myself decided to start “Black Shoes, Basic Podcast.” You can listen to the first episode below, which is a quick 20-minute preview of the upcoming season.

We’ll be dropping the Appalachian State preview pod on Wednesday, and then moving forward, will be dropping an episode on Monday (review of the previous game) and an episode on Friday (a preview of the upcoming game). Like I said above, this one was only 20-minutes, but usual episodes will be in the 40-60 minute range.

Two other notes:

  • Currently we are just on SoundCloud, but will be uploading to iTunes as well once all the backend stuff with Apple gets taken care of. Hopefully, that will be ready for Wednesday.
  • Let us know your thoughts on the podcast. Podcasting is a different realm that neither ARob nor I have dabbled in a ton, so while we find our niche these first couple weeks, we’re definitely open to your thoughts and ideas.