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Black Shoes, Basic Podcast: Appalachian State Preview (Ep. #2)

It is time to preview an actual football game, folks.

We’re back with another episode of the BSBP! Today, Alex and I previewed the Appalachian State game, and Alex seemed very disappointed in my score prediction. We then spent the latter portion of the podcast discussing the important things like which one would be funnier — Brian Kelly’s meltdown or Jim Harbaugh’s?

For those wondering, we are on Apple Podcast/iTunes now. You can listen to (and download) Episode 1 and the App State Preview here. And hey, why don’t you also subscribe to the BSBP while you are there? We’re also looking into other platforms so once we get up and running with those, we’ll be sure to notify y’all.

Lastly, we’re brainstorming songs for the outro, so please, leave your outro song suggestions below.