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3 Key Takeaways: Special Teams Ultimately Doom Nittany Lions in 27-24 Loss

Well, that sucked.

VRBO Citrus Bowl - Kentucky v Penn State Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Special Teams are still disaster

New day, same story for Penn State’s special teams. The Nittany Lions, who special teams were average to awful over the regular season, were once again awful against Kentucky. The number of miscues the special teams unit had throughout the game seemed to be countless, and they started from the very first series of the game. Add in a punt return allowed for a touchdown, two missed field goals, a bad decision to field/not field a punt and that was just the first half. The special teams were slightly better in the second half but the overall special teams product is still unfathomable. Ultimately, the two missed field goals cost Penn State the chance to win the game. James Franklin needs to sit down and think hard about the future of Phil Galiano.,

Playing to lose?

We had another possible case of playing to lose for Penn State on Tuesday. On the fourth quarter, Penn State had a fourth-and-6 near the end zone but chose to kick the field goal instead going for a first down or a touchdown. The defense had held Kentucky in the entire fourth quarter until the final drive, when Kentucky picked up two first downs. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen such a decision and nearly every time its cost Penn State. This one should stick with James Franklin.

We Already Knew This, but Trace McSorley is One Tough Dude

What else can you say, the man is a fighter and he almost brought Penn State back in improbable fashion. This loss doesn’t hurt much for fans I think in the idea of a loss but the fact that Trace’s last game was ultimately a loss. McSorley didn’t have his best first half but his second half was incredible and it just fell short. His final game personally reminded me of his first real game action against Georgia, an improbable second half comeback that ended just short. He’ll go down as the greatest quarterback in program history. There’s a lot we can say about him, but we’ll have plenty of love for Trace over the offseason. But for now, we tip our cap to Trace for one last gritty performance.