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MMPG - Is This Pat Chambers’ Last Season at Penn State?

Some off-the-court issues and lack of success on the court have some wondering what’s in store for the coach

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

In case you haven’t noticed, Penn State is once again not very good at basketball. In fact, the Lions are currently winless in the Big Ten, having most recently lost to Minnesota. The hope for the 2018-2019 season was that the NIT championship from last season would springboard the team, potentially to a tournament berth.

Instead, it’s been a myriad of close losses, punctuated by the occasional blowout. It doesn’t help that five of the conference games have been against ranked opponents, but still. Sitting at 7-12 (0-8 Big Ten), Penn State finds itself in sole possession of last place in the conference.

Coupled with the on-the-court losses, head coach Chambers has also found himself in some hot water off the court. In a loss to Michigan, Chambers was seen shoving freshman guard Myles Dread during a timeout. While he claims it was to try to motivate his player, the aggression exhibited before and after don’t necessarily jive with his story. For his actions, the head coach was suspended one game.

So MMPG asks - will this be the last season for Pat Chambers at Penn State?

While this season has been nothing short of horrific, there have been some high points under Chambers. He’s done well recruiting to a school that is not known for basketball, and won the NIT just this past year.

Still, through 7 seasons, the Lions have not made the tournament under Chambers. He’s had his system and his players in place for years, and just isn’t getting it done.

What say you, dear reader? Will this be the last season with Pat Chambers roaming the Penn State sideline?