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Matcast S3E9: Finally, A Challenge For Penn State.

Michigan rolls into the Bryce Jordan Center on Friday night looking for its second big scalp in as many weeks.

NCAA Wrestling: Big Ten Wrestling Championship Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

After a bit of a hiatus and a come to Cael to meeting, the matcast returns this week to preview Penn State’s big dual with Michigan on Friday.

Additionally, we’ve got a special offer for listeners which we’ll post further down in this article.

In this week’s episode, Clay and Garrett discuss:

  • The departure of Gavin Teasdale
  • Injury and illness concerns for Roman Bravo-Young and Shakur Rasheed
  • Whether UM or OSU pose a bigger threat in a dual setting
  • Why Penn State has been so up and down this season
  • How bonus points could affect the dual outcome
  • Where UM could potentially pull upsets
  • B1G Tournament Seeding implications at 141, 149 and 285.

As for that special offer, as we approach NCAA Tournament season you’ll want to get your hand’s on Jason Bryant’s comprehensive wrestling preview guide.

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Jason, who serves as the voice of the NCAA Championships in arena, puts together this robust guide every year with every bit of information on the tournament you could ever hope for. To top that, the guide comes in a digital format so you can bring it up on your phone or tablet while in arena or watching on TV to answer any possible questions you may have about what you’re watching.

All that and more in this week’s episode which you can find below as well as on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, iTunes and Google Play Music!