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Redshirt Report: Shirts Are Burned

NCAA Football: Purdue at Penn State John Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Oh, hi there. A whole lot of redshirt stuff happened during the Purdue game.

Redshirt Burned

  • LB Brandon Smith
  • RB Devyn Ford
  • RB Noah Cain
  • CB Keaton Ellis
  • S Jaquan Brisker

4 Games Played

  • DE Adisa Isaac

3 Games Played

  • OT Caedan Wallace
  • LB Lance Dixon
  • CB Joey Porter Jr

2 Games Played

  • CB Marquis Wilson
  • OL Anthony Whigan

1 Game Played

  • OG Saleem Wormley
  • TE Brenton Strange
  • DE Smith Vilbert
  • DT D’Von Ellies
  • WR John Dunmore
  • S Tyler Rudolph
  • DT Hakeem Beamon
  • CB Daequan Hardy
  • WR TJ Jones

0 Games Played

  • QB Taquan Roberson
  • QB Michael Johnson Jr.
  • DT Joseph Darkwa

Okay, as always, some thoughts:

  • I’m assuming Isaac is going to see his redshirt burned? Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to get anyone to four games at this point unless the redshirt is going to be burned, because otherwise, they won’t get to partake in the Division-II scrimmage on November 30. Of course, I am talking about Rutgers.
  • Joey Porter Jr. continues to inch closer to seeing his redshirt burned. He’s seeing real playing time, and with Donovan Johnson still banged up, the need for Porter Jr. to play is there.
  • Sticking with cornerback, I must have missed Marquis Wilson getting playing time earlier this year. He played against Purdue, but that was actually his second career game. Regardless, I’ve long been a Wilson stan so it’s good to see he’s not too far behind Keaton Ellis and Porter Jr.
  • John Dunmore, Tyler Rudolph, Hakeem Beamon, Daequan Hardy, and TJ Jones all got their first taste of college football on Saturday. Doubt we’ll see much of any of them moving forward — that is, until the Division-II scrimmage.
  • No surprise that the QBs haven’t played, and no surprise that German-product Joseph Darkwa hasn’t played either. The upping of competition from Germany to the Big Ten (minus Rutgers) is quite steep.