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Penn State Basketball Player Previews: Seth Lundy

As Penn State’s season approaches, we take a look at each player in the Nittany Lions’ roster. First up, Seth Lundy.

The Roman Catholic to Penn State pipeline is alive and well. The next player from the Philadelphia school to choose the Nittany Lions, Seth Lundy is easily the most prized recruit in the 2019 class. With offers from the likes of Florida, Georgetown, UConn, Louisville, Oregon, and others, Lundy was a coveted player that should have a bright future as a Nittany Lion.

Seth arrived on campus earlier this summer, and by all accounts has been having a good outing so far with the team. As with any freshman, Lundy has been spending time getting acclimated to the college level and life outside the confines of your own home.

What He Did Last Year

In his senior season of high school, Seth took Roman to another Catholic League title, scoring 18 points in the title game. He eclipsed 1,000 career points his senior season, and was named First Team All-Catholic in the last two seasons of his high school career. Lundy won in high school, and he won often. As such, he was a coveted asset.

What We Need This Year

In reality, Seth finds himself in a situation freshmen at Penn State don’t often find themselves in: The Nittany Lions don’t need that much from him from the jump. Over the years, the talented players Penn State has brought in under Chambers have had to start right away, which hasn’t always panned out the way the head coach has wanted. Seth can sit behind Lamar Stevens, who has said that Lundy reminds him of himself as a freshman, and learn as much as he can from the senior. That said, Lundy brings a culture of winning to the table, along with an expectation to contribute from the jump. Most importantly, he brings a scoring ability that oftentimes can go missing on the team, especially in crucial situations. On that note, here are two things I want to see from Lundy this season:

Good minutes. If Lundy is playing more than 10 minutes a game this season, something has gone horribly wrong. I expect Seth to reach a good five minutes per game by season’s end, but probably no more than that. What it want is for Lundy to make good use of his minutes while he sits and learns from Stevens. Play well enough to give Lamar some crucial rest, then sit and watch. It’s that simple.

Good shooting. Lundy was a great shooter in high school, and, along with point one above, he needs to make the most of his opportunities when he’s on the floor. The biggest are of need for Penn State is and always will be shooting, which is an area where Lundy could differentiate himself from the pack early on. If he can be come a reliable catch and shoot guy, he’s going to find himself on the top end of those 5-10 minutes per game I project.

The sky is the limit for Lundy, but, unlike his predecessors, he doesn’t have to accomplish it all right now. That’s a great position to be in as a freshman.