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Two Things I Liked, Two Things I Didn’t Like: Michigan Edition

Trying to make sense of a confusing team.

Michigan v Penn State Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images


1. KJ Hamler Putting The Offense On His Back

What can be said about KJ Hamler that hasn’t already been said?

Hamler was magical against Michigan, hauling in six receptions for 108 yards and two touchdowns. Whether it was the biggest of plays (53-yard touchdown reception) or the smallest of plays (tough 4-yard run to pick up the game-winning first down), Hamler came up big when Penn State needed him most.

This is a positive section, so I will keep this positive — but (*knocks of wood*) man, it’s a little scary to think what this offense would look like without Hamler. Please stay healthy, my son.

2. Josh Gattis Admitting Defeat In Our Fullback Debate




1. This Running Back Rotation

I fully admit that I’m not privy to everything that goes on in Penn State’s running backs room. Maybe Noah Cain doesn’t have the greatest grasp of the playbook. Maybe Noah Cain hasn’t picked up the intricacies of picking up blitzes. I don’t know. There’s a good chance that if asked in a private setting, James Franklin and Ja’Juan Seider could give a valid answer on why Cain is still a part of a four-man running back rotation.

That being said, two things:

  • He is producing the most during the games, which seems important.
  • If he is a true frosh that can’t be trusted, then why is he the four-minute offense running back?

I’m not saying that Cain should be seeing 20+ carries every game — but five carries after back-to-back great performances against Purdue and Iowa? That just seems odd.

2. Idiot Fans Who Go To The Game Just To Yell & Complain

Listen, I don’t like telling people how to be a fan. Root for Penn State however you’d like. But, please, if you come to a game, do you really need to yell “RUN THE BALL” 37 times? We get it. You want the offense to run the ball. We heard you the first 7 times. Why do you need to feel the need to yell it another 30 times?

For the life of me, I can’t understand people who pay hundreds of dollars to come to a White Out game, only to complain the entire time. My section was full of people who didn’t even seem to enjoy the game even when Penn State was up 21-0. Whether it’s Rahne, why the defense isn’t defending the middle, or how the refs are out to get Penn State — why are you paying money to put yourself through this torture?

Be happy. Be excited. You are experiencing an atmosphere that very few other colleges can claim to have. If you are going to be a grouch and constantly complain about every little thing, please, just stay home. Do that from the own comfort of your living room, because I certainly don’t want to hear it.