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Two Things I Liked, Two Things I’d Like To See: Post-Michigan State Edition

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: OCT 26 Penn State at Michigan State Photo by Adam Ruff/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Name change because this will be posted on Wednesday instead of Mondays moving forward!


1. Being A First Half Team

Being a second half team was a ton of fun in 2016. Knowing that — regardless of the score — the game was never over at halftime was a cool feeling. But I much prefer this first half team thing where we score a lot of points in the first half, while not allowing the other team to score barely any at all. I, along with my heart, like that a lot.

By the way, for those poo-pooing about only winning 28-7 when Penn State was up 21-0 at halftime: please, find yourself the nearest toilet, insert your head into the toilet, and give yourself a swirly.

It was rainy. It was disgusting. It was East Lansing. Be happy with 28-7.

2. This Sean Clifford Throw

This made me prance around my living room like a horsey.

I would love to get into the head of Michigan State’s cornerback on this play.

“Okay, I got this.”

“Ball coming down, if I extend I should get this...”



1. Cut Down On The Post-Turnover Celebration Penalties

I don’t mean to get all old man yells at cloud here, because I actually love the celebrations themselves. Shaka Toney doing the “pew, pew, pew” guns to Shea Patterson after the INT was laugh out loud funny. But, unfortunately, the NCAA doesn’t allow players to celebrate, and I’d strongly prefer to not lose 15 yards after a turnover.

Sure, it hasn’t hurt Penn State to this point, but the last thing that needs to happen is for a silly celebration to actually impact the outcome of a game. Pew-pew-guns and shooting an arrow are funny now, but I doubt I’ll have the same reaction against Minnesota and Ohio State should it lead to a stalled offensive drive.

Sorry for being a wet blanket.

2. More Double Bye Weeks

This double bye week life is something I can get used to. I mean, I love waking up on Saturday and knowing that Penn State is playing. But on the other hand, it’s pretty nice waking up and knowing that Penn State can’t lose. Like, the Nittany Lions can’t lose again November 9. That’s an incredible feeling.