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BSD Mailbag 10.4.19

Break out your pink and black, it’s Homecoming!

NCAA Football: Penn State at Maryland Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

I have no question. I just want to say it was awesome kicking Maryland’s ass.—kavija66

Are these Maryland shirts still available?


I personally would never allow anything barstool on or near my person, but I for the life of me can’t figure out this graphic. How is that photo of the Nittany Lion and Testudo a negative for PSU? He’s petting the turtle, in what I’m taking as a condescending manner. When I originally saw this graphic last Friday I thought it was a negative Maryland one, but apparently it’s not? I’m just so surprised at the widespread, collective lack of self awareness during this age we live in.

In the wake of Friday’s massacre, do you remember #TheMovement?—Bob Sacamano

/insert poop joke here

It’s funny, because someone brought up Adam McLean in the comments section the other day and it caused me to google to try to find out what he’s up to nowadays - and the answer is, I don’t know because google, for once, has failed me. Apparently he’s no longer on the MD roster, entered the transfer portal, but there was no announcement of his transfer?

It’s just proof that it’s not just a PSU thing, or even mostly one (despite what so many in our fanbase say) to squander talent on the offensive line!

If you could trade one team from the B1G (not PSU) and one team from any other conference into the B1G, what would be your picks?—RWReese

The “not PSU” in this question wouldn’t even be a thing for me, because I’ve long liked the fact we’re in the B1G.

For me, I’d get Rutgers out of the conference (originally said Maryland, but their academics are good, I like being close to non-revenue sports being played at other schools, and it’s fun popping their bubble of grandeur every few years), and I’d bring in someone like Texas, who could help the conference with recruiting, has a ton of additional sports programs to bolster the conference, and once they played a Big Ten schedule would crash back down to earth football-wise (hello, Nebraska!).

i know this wasn’t an issue this week, but... CJF has done a lot of analytical studies... i read that he even had the academic side come to meetings to study how the teaching could be improved.

has he leaned on those folks to assist in helping communicate the adjustments prior to halftime? i know a common refrain has been ‘why are we waiting until half time to make adjustments?’—eartotheground

I don’t think in-game adjustments are something that can be put into such an analytical perspective; playing the game isn’t just Xs and Os (though that’s a huge part of it) - momentum and emotion are absolutely a thing, as is the unspoken willingness of players to trust their coaches and execute what they’re saying.

We had excellent in-game adjustments on Friday (check out bscaff’s film room if you don’t believe me) and I think it’s just something that, like 3rd down conversions, they had extra time and energy to devote to this bye week - and the players bought in. Hopefully, after seeing how well it worked on the road against a not-horrible (no matter what many say) Maryland squad.


Ok, but seriously WHEN WILL THE ANNOUNCE THE MICHIGAN KICK???—bearwithscarf

I’m assuming sometime next Saturday. I know, it’s not soon enough...

I have a simple question: What are the chances that we get win 900 this year? Given that we still need 9 more wins, it’s CFP or bust.—my0207

While technically we don’t need to go to the CFP because we only need to win 13 games this year to reach that milestone, if we win out and lose the Big Ten title game, we may still be in a position to go to the CFP. Otherwise, the 13th win would be the bowl game.

In other words, that’s not happening. I think it’s looking most likely that next year’s game at Virginia Tech or home against San Jose State will be the most likely culprits.

How much fun would it be to be a 5* player and have all these coaches trying to get you to play? Do you think it would be would fun or stressful? What goes into the process and what does a coach say to these guys to get them to play for them? Is it more about convincing the parents or the kids themselves?—jetskijoe

That would stress me out to no end. I don’t really like a lot of attention on me, so this isn’t something that appeals to me - but I’m not a football player, or coach, and most of them seem to love that attention.

I think in terms of convincing, every situation is different, and a successful recruiter needs to gauge what will work best for each potential player, and whether the key is convincing the player or the family. There’s a lot of psychology that goes into it, advance research coupled with quick thinking, which is why I think James Franklin is so good at it.

Does Michigan cover the spread again this year?

Here’s their remaining schedule

vs. Iowa

at Illinois

at Penn State

vs. Notre Dame

at Maryland

vs. Michigan State

at Indiana

vs. Ohio State

Well, they’re currently favored by 4.5 against Iowa. That line started at -7. Everyone knows I’m the world’s worst Iowa sycophant, but all the money, and all the betting gurus like Bud Elliott, man, they all like Iowa in that game. Although I admit I liked it better at -7. Still, Iowa’s looked competent across the board, whereas Michigan …. well, you know.

They’ll probably be favored at Illinois, at Maryland, and at Indiana. Going on what we’ve seen so far and by how the market has been, I’m guessing all of those games will have Michigan covered between a 7 and 14 points, give or take. Maryland is real bad, so they’ll cover that.

We’ll have to wait and watch how UM does the next three games, but Notre Dame could end up opening as high as a 10 or 14 point favorite. Anything below that and I’d really, really like the Irish to cover.

Michigan State, to my surprise, looks better than Michigan right now. And this is Dantonio we’re talking about: he’ll burn an entire season just to have a chance at beating Michigan. This game might start as pick ’em.

So, my own answer is yes, but I’m going to optimistically predict Michigan finishes an abysmal 3-9 against the spread this year.—ReadingRambler

I think Michigan’s best shot to cover is at Illinois. I know everyone’s down on Maryland after the beating we handed them last week, but by the time that game rolls around, I expect Michigan will be favored by 2-3 scores, and I think the Terps’ll be able to keep it within that—it’s not their super bowl, after all, and we remember what they did to Ohio State later in the season last year.

I’m just excited to see it keep happening this year, and have Harbaugh back next year and it keep happening then too!

If you are Rutger, who do you hire and when? And likewise if you are a coach do you want that job?—rph75

What’s best for Rutgers is to throw as much money/control as they can towards a guy like Lance Leipold, who runs his own system and can get less-recruited guys to buy in. Or to lure someone like Paul Johnson out of retirement and implement the triple option, because in the Big Ten East it’s going to be really tough playing some of the big boys every year if you don’t have a sort of gimmick to go off of.

They’re gonna end up with Schiano, though, and still averaging 3-4 wins per year.

Is Nunzio Campanile the most Rutgers name ever for a coach?—Paebr332

It’s pretty darn close!!

Is it possible that the Gophers could be 8-0 when PSU visits? I see games against Nebby, Illinois, Rutgr and UMD on the schedule for them. I suppose Nebby probably has the best chance to beat them, but they could be legit 8-0.

Row the boat!—LarzLion

At this point, I’d be surprised if they’re not 8-0 when we play them - that would mean that they were upset along the way (because the way Nebraska looks again this year, that would definitely be an upset). It’ll just make the three score win that much more exhilarating ;)

On a scale of 1-10 how bad is the Purdue defense?

1 is they cannot even shut out Rutgers.

10 is Nick Eury is going to score multiple TDs this Saturday (and that’s nothing against Nick).—Paebr332

I think they’re somewhere around a 7. Nick Eury won’t score multiple TDs, because their pass defense is their weakness right now - so perhaps it’ll be Michael Shuster in there slinging it to end the game.

Why isn’t Purdue’s mascot a chicken?—bva-psu

In my copious amounts of internet research for this mailbag, I was surprised to learn that Purdue didn’t have a mascot until 20 years after Perdue Farms (makers of the aforementioned chicken) were in business, so this glorious marketing opportunity actually could have occurred and now I’m sad it didn’t.

What’s the most lopsided Chipmunk chart ever? This week with Purdue? How did previous lopsided charts turn out for us?—JayMPSU

It’s definitely up there. I decided to take a look back at some other ones, so here goes.

There’s no better place to start than with Rutgers, and to no one’s surprise, the charts against Rutgers are very unfavorable to the Scarlet Knights (2016, 2017, 2018) - and those all turned out pretty ok, except for the surprisingly low-scoring Rutgers game, in piss-poor weather naturally.

The 2017 game at Maryland, though, had a Just the Stats that ultimately looked pretty much like you would expect a 66-3 chart to look like:

not as many sections with four chipmunks, to be sure, but fewer opponent logos make this one my pick.

Lawnboyz chain: Approve? Like it? I’m old school but whatever makes the young ones happy.—rph75

I’m fine with it, but generally I’m very much in the “live and let live” camp with most things. Them getting hyped to get the blinged out chain whenever one of the RBs scores a touchdown doesn’t affect me - I’m just excited they made it into the endzone. If it makes them happy (and productive, and not entering the transfer portal), then I’m all for it.

But no more effing white shoes, fergodsakes.

Our Nittany Lion Club Membership pack just arrived in the mail. Magnets, sticker and a free gift of your choice. The free gift choices are:

  • 22″ × 36″ white flag with the chipmunk logo and words “Nittany Lion Club” in blue.
  • Standard size white car window flag with the same art as above.
  • Three blue knitted-acrylic beverage insulators (that fit bottles) with the chipmunk logo and words in white.

Which should I choose?—Smee

Uh...I skipped over that part of the mailing so apparently I need to dig through my trash when I get home.

So Robert Pattinson seems to be the new Batman And it sounds like they’re doing some version of The Long Halloween or Hush storylines with a younger (obviously) Batman, effectively ruling him out of the DCEU as it currently stands. What kind of comic book story craziness would you pull to effectively put new Batman into the existing universe and retcon Battfleck? Or do you just leave the Batman in his own world?—skarocksoi

I really like what the DC tv shows are doing in bringing in the multiverse into DC comics. With that, all of the different versions of each iconic character could reasonably be assumed to be co-existing alongside each other; this is why it’s so exciting, for example, that both Tom Welling and Brandon Routh are going to be playing versions of Superman for this fall’s annual crossover event.

I’m not so sure that they’ll allude to the multiverse, either by name or inference, in the new Batman (and I don’t read the comics, just love comic book movies, so I’m not sure about the storylines you reference above), but the logic is there for it to not even need to be a retcon and work within DC’s timeline.

When you rec a comment and then read someones rebuttal that is the opposite and agree and rec it. Do I have to go back and unrec the rec from the first comment or is it OK to rec both? I feel it is OK to rec both and I’m too lazy to go back and unrec it anyway.—bva-psu

If I’m rec-ing a comment and a rebuttal, that shouldn’t have any affect on you rec-ing or un-rec-ing, no?

In seriousness, I probably dole out the most recs of anyone on this site, so I’m not one to ask. I often will rec both sides of an argument just in appreciation of well-thought-out, reasoned rebuttals, whether I agree with the premise of the comment or not.

Is there any reason the commenting engine is different on the main articles than that of the fanposts? Especially on the mobile version — the fanpost commenting system works so much better than the masthead article comment system. Just wondering why the they would need to be different.—Precious Roy

I’m not sure how long you’ve been a member of the BSD community, but if you remember - the commenting engine on fanposts now is the way the entire site used to be before the redo, about 3-4 years ago. It’s my understanding (though this could be incorrect) that the framework that drives the comment sections on the front pages of every site is more extensive than that that drives the fanposts, so the decision was made to not upgrade the fanposts/fanshots (which get inherently less traffic than front page posts) so they could focus their energies elsewhere.

I don’t disagree with this decision; if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, and the fanposts function just fine. We’re one of the few sites that actually uses them extensively, anyway.

Have you ever been to a market swine show? Did you even know hog shows existed? I knew they existed but had never been to one until a friend invited my son to show pigs with them about 7 years ago.

For this year’s fair we named all the pigs in the barn after characters on The Office. Phyllis was the champ.—dmetz

I’ve never been to one, but I’ve known of their existence for a bit. I think most folks who’ve been to a county fair have.

And that is awesome, and unsurprising. Phyllis is low key a winner.

Which type of heat transfer; radiation, conduction, or convection is your favorite? Why?

We are learning about heat transfer in 5th grade this week. For years, I’ve been getting away with discussing frying sausages in a pan as an example of conduction. This morning, it was the funniest comment ever. The afternoon class is going to learn about frying eggs.—Gerry Dincher

I’m a convection girl myself. I generally think of heat transfers in terms of cooking food, and convection ovens do the best baking imho, so there you go.

Can we please make it illegal for your boss to email you during the weekend? There’s nothing that immediately angers me more than checking my phone to see a work email on the weekend when I’ve successfully managed to get work off my mind. Completely unrelated – what’s your go to for looking for a new job?—Succss With Honor Always

As someone who brings her work phone with her almost everywhere, I think the problem may be that you’re actually checking it for emails, not that they’re being sent. I sometimes have to work on the weekends to get stuff done (because I’m less bothered by others emailing me then), and that’s just the time when I can reply - it doesn’t mean that I expect a reply back on the weekend, just that that’s when I have my time to get stuff done.

You can’t control when and how others do their job, only how you do yours - and I’m assuming there is no expectation for you to work on the weekends, so I’d just ignore those emails. But I don’t want to make it illegal for me to catch up on weekends myself.

I had a great question, but excessive travel this weekend caused me to forget it. So… what question have you never been asked that you wish someone would ask, and what’s your answer?—Smee

I often give some suggestions on topics in the original mailbag fanpost, but inevitably the questions I get are far better than any I could come up with on my own. So feel free to drop more in the comments - I’m sure that they’ll be more, shall we say, interesting than what I’d ask myself.