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Midweek Musings - It’s Okay to Be Confident in Penn State Football

We are, on occasion, allowed to have nice things

NCAA Football: Purdue at Penn State John Jones-USA TODAY Sports

As of the writing of this article, Penn State is undefeated on the 2019 season, sitting at 5-0 on the year, and ranked #10 in the AP Poll.

Yet many view the Lions as paper tigers, a team that hasn’t played anybody, Pawlllll. Even PSU fans fret about every game - how can we handle Maryland’s dynamic new passer, this is Pitt’s Super Bowl we’re going to struggle, Purdue is a weird team that can upset anybody at any point in time, Iowa is impossible and we’re gonna lose.

Look, be a fan however you want. But realize that we are allowed to have confidence in our team.

This is the most talented team Penn State has had at least since Franklin took over, and likely since at least the late ‘00s, if not the ‘90s. Top to bottom there is talent, experience, and depth.

Frankly, we should look at almost every game as a win, rather than worrying about a loss against every team on the schedule.

Sure we can lose any given game - that’s the nature of the beast. But ask yourself if OSU fans went into the Purdue game last year worried about the Boilermakers. Honest-to-goodness worry about a middling Big Ten team.

Truth is, we’re better than perhaps just one or two teams in the conference, based strictly on talent. Add in that our coordinators, position coaches, and strength & conditioning program are among the best in college football, and I see no real reason why every. single. game. should be worrisome.

Again: be a fan however you want. If being nervous about a team, then happy about a win is your style, go for it. Last year I was admittedly overconfident in the team, and when the clock struck zero against MSU I went off the rails, doubting whether the Lions could win another game the rest of the season. Confidence can have its pitfalls, to be sure.

But I’m just the kind of person who would rather have faith in confidence in what I see on the field, and read about all off-season. Highly rated recruiting class after highly rated recruiting class. Program strength records being smashed by freshmen. Scouts talking about how this is the best PSU team they’ve seen, possibly ever.

Penn State is good, and I will continue to believe that they should beat all but one mayyyyyyybe two teams this year - and for more or less every year for the foreseeable future.