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Big Ten Power Rankings - Week 11


Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Well, this weekend didn’t go as many of us hoped it would. Still, these rankings must soldier on! Let’s see how things shape up.

As a reminder, this isn’t a ranking of teams based on record, or place in the polls, but rather my assessment of how the teams are playing at the time. If two teams met on a neutral field and played 100 times, a team that wins 51 times gets ranked ahead of the team that wins 49 times.

Let’s see what we got this week, shall we?

1. Ohio State

73-14 win over Maryland, and next week is Rutgers. Sweet merciful heavens.

2. Minnesota

The Gophers supplant Penn State as the number two team in these rankings after their 31-26 win over the Lions. I honestly think their position here is a bit tenuous given their upcoming games, but for now Goldy sits in the #2 spot.

3. Penn State

Here’s the thing: if PSU and Minnesota played 100 times, I think Penn State wins at least 51 of them. By that logic, and the rules of this post, they should be up at #2 still right? Well, after playing with fire in wins over Pitt, Iowa, and Michigan, the team finally got burned, and I want to see how they respond before I say with 100% certainty that they are deserving of the #2 spot. The game against Indiana will be telling.

4. Michigan

Bye week.

5. Wisconsin

The Badgers are resuming the climb with a 24-22 win over Iowa. The three-way batch of games between Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota will be fun to watch for West supremacy.

6. Iowa

The Hawkeyes rallied in the fourth, but couldn’t quite dig out of an early hole. Up next are the Gophers, which could shake these rankings up even further.

7. Indiana

Bye week.

8. Illinois

Holy Illini Batman! Illinois pulled off yet another upset this season, after trailing Michigan State by double digits in the fourth quarter. The Fightin’ Lovies are going bowling!

9. Purdue

The Boilermakers still have a steep uphill climb to make the postseason, but got at least one step closer with a 24-22 win over Northwestern.

10. Michigan State

It really feels like Sparty has packed it in this season, doesn’t it? Who knows what will happen with Dantonio, but this team is floundering.

11. Nebraska

Bye week.

12. Maryland

I almost moved Maryland down a spot in these rankings, because a 59-point loss is worse than a 2-point loss, but overall I do think the Terrapins are better than the Wildcats.

13. Northwestern


14. Rutgers

Bye week!

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, your updated standings!

OSU at the top, and Minnesota has taken over the second position with PSU dropping a spot. Michigan on the bye, followed by Wisconsin and Iowa trading spots. Indiana also on the bye, with Illinois and Purdue rising. Michigan State falls, while Nebraska, Maryland, Northwestern, and Rutgers all hanging out in the basement.

Let’s see what week 12 brings us!