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Penn State Depth Chart Week Ten: Indiana

Time to regroup and avoid the mistakes following the losses of the past couple seasons.

Penn State v Minnesota Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

The road trip to Minneapolis did not turn out how Penn State would have liked, but returning home there are not many changes to the depth chart. On offense, Journey Brown again leads the parade of ORs at Running Back. Noah Cain is listed second, but we will have to see if he is well enough to return to game action. That’s it, that’s the only alteration on that side of the ball, which isn’t terribly surprising, because simply tightening up execution would have have been enough to bring back a victory against the Gophers, particularly in goal-to-go scenarios. On defense, Antonio Shelton has served his single-game suspension and is back on the top line at Defensive Tackle. An embattled secondary has one difference for the Hoosiers, Trent Gordon shares an OR with Marquis Wilson behind John Reid at Cornerback. It will be interesting to see if there will be a defensive scheme shift, if the pressure is neutralized everything else has turned into a house of cards.