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Success With Hyperlinking: Penn State-Ohio State Is Dominating the Airwaves

The Big Ten East is on the line this weekend as the Nittany Lions and Buckeyes square off.

NCAA Football: Indiana at Penn State Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

It’s official, 28-3 is the most dangerous lead in sports. After falling behind by 25 points to Baylor, Oklahoma completed a historic comeback to keep their College Football Playoff hopes alive. Ignited by an impassioned speech from coach Lincoln Riley, Jalen Hurts may have put together a Heisman moment as he led the charge on the field.

Oklahoma’s triumph took a back seat on Saturday to much more unfortunate news, as Tua Tagovailoa’s college career was cut short with a hip injury. Alabama’s star quarterback was in good spirits ahead of his surgery, and the prognosis is promising.

Plenty of questions remain in the aftermath of Tagovailoa’s injury, however. Expected to be the No. 1 overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft, the injury could drastically affect his draft stock. It could also have a dramatic effect on college football and how players approach games against “Nobody Tech.” In the more immediate aftermath, Tagovailoa’s injury has accelerated the battle to become the next Crimson Tide starting quarterback.

Recapping Indiana

It was another nail biter, but Penn State got the job done against Indiana as the Nittany Lions edged out the Hoosiers 34-27. Penn State’s rushing attack led the charge as the Nittany Lions were without two of their best offensive weapons.

Perhaps the most impressive moment of the game was the 18-play, nine-minute drive that sealed the game for Penn State. With questions about Penn State’s ability to put together a long drive, that masterpiece should give Nittany Lions fans another reason to smile.

On the other end of the spectrum, that fake punt was something to behold.

Collision Course in Columbus

In case it hasn’t been talked about enough, there’s a reasonably important game happening on Saturday. The Nittany Lions matchup with the Buckeyes — effectively the game to decide the Big Ten East — will dominate television screens around the country.

Though it has been the most tightly-contested rivalry the past few seasons, the Buckeyes will be heavy favorites this time around.

A major reason for that is the return of Chase Young, who was suspended for two weeks following some questionable financial activity. Saturday will also give us a matchup between two quarterbacks who could understandably have a chip on their shoulder.