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Success With Hyperlinking: Penn State Is Climbin’

After a win over No. 4 Maryland, Penn State is a basketball school once again.

NCAA Basketball: Maryland at Penn State Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Somehow, Penn State’s upcoming trip to the Cotton Bowl got overshadowed this week when news broke that Ricky “never wanted to be a head coach” Rahne was announced as head coach at Old Dominion.

Rahne can’t be faulted for taking a position that will benefit his family and his coaching trajectory, but he will certainly be missed in the locker room. Rahne won’t be the only Nittany Lions assistant to head to Norfolk, VA.

With his departure, we now get to play the guessing game of who the next offensive coordinator will be for James Franklin, with one name in particular topping the list.

The more immediate aftermath is that Rahe won’t be available to call plays against Memphisfacing a coaching overhaul of its ownduring the Cotton Bowl. Whether the Nittany Lions earned a better bowl game remains up for debate, but the Cotton Bowl will cap off what should be considered another successful season for the Nittany Lions.


Penn State basketball is officially back after Tuesday’s win over No. 4 Maryland. Nittany Nation had plenty of reason to celebrate, even if some felt that storming the court took things a bit too far.

Awful takes aside, we could see Penn State return to the top 25 for the first time in a long time as the Nittany Lions make their case to return to the NCAA Tournament for the first time in nearly a decade.