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MMQB - What’s Your Rooting Strategy for Bowl Season?

Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Bowl season begins in a few days, and MMQB wants to know: what’s your bowl season rooting strategy?

For some people, they like to root for all Big Ten teams. A rising tide raises all boats, so the conference doing well means Penn State was one of the best of a strong group of teams.

Others only root against the B1G, whether for specific reasons (old vendettas against certain teams) or general ones (it would have been better for PSU to stay independent).

Personally I just root for good football. Similar to watching D-III playoffs, as long as a game is a competitive, I’m entertained.

Is a showdown between a 6-6 MAC team and a 7-5 ACC powerhouse the same as a NY6 game? No, I don’t expect the quality of play to be nearly as high in Motor City as in Dallas. But so long as the teams are evenly matched, call me entertained!

Oh, and OSU, Michigan, MSU, and Notre Dame can lose every bowl game ever.