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Penn State Wrestling Mailbag

You asked. I try to answer!

Keystone Classic Photo by Hunter Martin/Getty Images

Since we’re in a bit of a lull here when it comes to Penn State wrestling, I solicited questions week from some of my favorite people (that’s you!).

Below, I will attempt to answer a handful of them as best that I can.

What’s the best way to catch up on matches that aren’t Penn State? - TiogaCounty

As much as they’ll tell you that I never say anything nice about them, Flo is probably the best way to go about this. They have a ton of video archives and also have every D1 box score that you could ask for.

Who do you think we see at 197 in the Illinois dual? - Success With Honor Always

To my knowledge, I’d expect to see Shakur Rasheed. By all accounts Aaron Brooks won a wrestle-off at 184 and Rasheed did so at 197. The plan was always likely for Rasheed to return in the second semester, and I imagine he’ll do just that, except up a weight.

Have any guys registered for upcoming tournaments? - SWHA

I try not to double dip with question askers, but I wanted to address that. The latest talk is that anyone not competing at the US Open for freestyle (Cenzo, Cassar, Brooks, Nick Lee) will head to the Wilkes Open this weekend. That should be a ton of fun and worth the cost of entry ($10) if so. Otherwise, Joe Lee, Michael Beard and Seth Nevills will all be wrestling unattached at the Southern Scuffle.

I know its early and we haven’t seen what the final lineup will be…but do we have enough fire power and bonus points to win another national championship? - psupro

I believe so. The additions of Brooks and presumably Rasheed to the lineup can’t be overstated, nor can the addition of a healthy Brady Berge at 157. Brooks has a tough, tough weight to deal with and will fight with guys like Lou DePrez, Trent Hidlay, Nino Bonaccorsi and Taylor Lujan in a tier behind Zahid Valencia, but he’s good enough to be an All-American. Rasheed, if he’s healthy, is the second-best guy in the country at 197. Berge walks into a weight class that is wide open after the departure of Jason Nolf. Hayden Hidlay and Ryan Deakin are the favorites, but both are certainly beatable. Berge needs to AA as well for the Nittany Lions to bring home the team title.

How is it that Brody Teske, a 4-time Iowa state champ, cannot, at bare minimum, handle Meredith and Schnupp and own 125? - btolin0213

First off, it’s a big step from high school to college and Teske is only just a redshirt freshman with less than 20 college matches. Secondly, Iowa had three divisions and while he’s very talented, he didn’t see a ton of elite competition. I still think Teske ends up wrestling in March, but he’s got a ways to go to get there.

Where’s Beard going to place at the scuffle? - Frank O’Brien

I’d be surprised if he weren’t in the top four, if not higher. I’m big on Beard and 197 is pretty weak nationally.