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MMQB - It’s Game Week!

Matthew O’Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning BSD! Do you smell what I smell? That’s right, it’s game week!

The Lions have had the last few weeks off, while conference championships were played, and the first few bowl games were held.

But finally, it’s game week for your Nittany Lions!

For the third time in four years, Penn State is in a New Year’s Six bowl - the Rose in 2016, the Fiesta in 2017, and now the Cotton in 2019.

Aside from the game itself, Penn State has gotten word that a whole host of players have decided to return, rather than head to the NFL: Will Fries, Michal Menet, and Pat Freiermuth have all officially announced their returns. Others, such as Ricky Slade and Lamont Wade, have not necessarily made official announcements, but seem to be intent on returning.

We’re still waiting on word whether KJ Hamler or Shaka Toney will come back for one more season, but then you don’t want to have too many good things I suppose.

All of this coming on the heels of early national signing day, which saw Penn State sign 27 prospects, coming in at the #13 overall recruiting class.

Yes, it most certainly is the most wonderful time of year. Big bowl games, players opting to return to the blue and white, and players opting to join the team when they finish up high school, could anything be better?

Oh, and yeah, I guess there are a few holidays too. So happy Hannukah! And merry Christmas! And happy Kwanzaa! And happy Festivus!

Make merry and enjoy the coming week everyone!