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Michal Menet Forgoes NFL Draft, Will Return to Penn State For Final Season

Huge news for the offensive line!

Photo Credit: Heather Weikel

With Penn State football’s regular season having come to close, it is now decision time for several players on the team who are supposedly on the fence between pursuing their NFL dreams, or coming back for one more ride in a blue and white uniform. On the heels of the wonderful news about Pat Freiermuth’s decision to return in 2020, comes Michal Menet’s equally tremendous announcement via Twitter, that he too, will be back next year.

Steven Gonzalez is the only starting offensive lineman who is graduating, but Menet along with fellow starter Will Fries both have one more year of eligibility remaining. While we have yet to hear from Fries, it is undoubtedly huge news that at least one of these multiple-year starters will be returning.

When you factor in Rasheed Walker, CJ Thorpe, Michael Miranda, and Des Holmes, the offensive line will be returning at least five different players with significant playing experience. Time will obviously tell, but if you throw in guys like current freshman Caedan Wallace and JUCO transfer Anthony Whigan potentially being ready to see an increase in playing time, next year’s O-line could be the best yet in the James Franklin era.