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REPORT: Offensive Coordinator Ricky Rahne a Finalist For Old Dominion Head Coaching Job

The second-year OC is firmly in the mix for a possible head coaching gig.

Heather Weikel

Ricky Rahne has been a hot discussion topic amongst the Penn State fan base during his two-year stint as offensive coordinator. Yesterday, a tweet from ESPN’s college football reporter Adam Rittenberg made Rahne an even hotter topic, mentioning that Rahne was a candidate for the recently vacated Old Dominion head coaching job.

Coming on the heels of Rittenberg’s tweet, is an update from Football Scoop, which states in part:

Sources tell FootballScoop AD Wood Selig did phone interviews with several coaches and then planned to bring a small number of coaches to interview in person. Sources tell FootballScoop Selig was highly impressed with Ricky Rahne, Travaris Robinson and Marcus Freeman.

Travaris Robinson and Marcus Freeman are defensive coordinators at South Carolina and Cincinnati, respectively. The Football Scoop post goes on to give their two cents regarding who will ultimately be hired:

Others have been considered; but based off of what we’ve been hearing, there is a good chance Selig makes one of these three the next head coach at Old Dominion.

It should be noted that as of the time of this post being written, that neither Old Dominion nor Rahne have directly commented on the rumors. However, given that multiple sources seem to indicate Rahne being a finalist for the job, it feels like the right time to mention it here on BSD. Stay tuned for further updates as they occur.