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MMQB - Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Dallas We Go

The Nittany Lions are headed to the Cotton Bowl!

Photo by George Walker/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

This weekend, Ohio State took on Wisconsin for the Big Ten Championship, with Ohio State winning 34-21. With their win, the Buckeyes made the playoffs as the number 2 seed, and will take on #3 Clemson

OSU in the playoffs was a foregone conclusion, but the bigger question would be where Wisconsin ended in the final playoff rankings. Entering the weekend, the Badgers were #8, while Penn State was sitting at #10.

Even with the loss, the Badgers player well enough to stand pat in the rankings, holding onto #8, while the Lions, who were idle, also stayed put at #10. As a result of their top 10 finish, the Lions were officially selected for the Cotton Bowl! Wisconsin, meanwhile, was chosen for the Rose Bowl where they will take on PAC-12 champ #6 Oregon

And so it’s official: Penn State will be playing in Dallas this bowl season, where a talented Memphis team, ranked #17, awaits them.

Memphis finished the season at 12-1, with wins over Ole Miss, Navy, SMU, and Cincinnati (twice). Their sole loss was to a solid Temple squad, 30-28 on the road.

The Cotton Bowl will be played on Saturday, December 28th at 12:00 ET, so for the next 3 weeks chuck all of those polyester blends in the back of the closet and wear some nice, breathable cotton!