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MMHWT - What Sports Did You Miss Out on While at Penn State?

With so many to choose from, some can slip through the cracks

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Penn State is a fine academic institution, routinely noted as one of the top public universities in the country. It’s a big reason why the school name carries so much clout - the research, the academics, and the huge alumni network all combine to be one of the better names you can have on a diploma in America.

But for a lot of people, sports were a close #2 (if not #1) while they were at school. I know for me, the allure of Penn State football brought me to University Park, instead of Oakland or Villanova or Shippensburg.

During my time at Penn State (2004-2009, super seniors for the win), the sports that I got into most were football, basketball, and men’s and women’s volleyball. MMHWT wants to know - what sports did you miss out on while you were at Penn State?

The biggest one that I feel I missed out on was wrestling. Penn State wasn’t quite as insanely good in the mid-aughts as it is now, but knowing that the team would go on to wreck everybody makes me just a bit melancholy that I didn’t take in a few duals when I had the chance.

Another one for me is hockey - when I was at Dear Old State, the hockey team was still just a club team. I went to quite a few games, but it was at the old ice arena instead of the Peg, and the opponents were other random club teams, not Big Ten foes.

So what say you? Were there sports that, in hindsight, you wish you would have attended more, given the chance as a student? And for those non-student/-alumni fans among us, which sports did you and your family try to take in, when given the chance?