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Midweek Musings - Pat Chambers is Going to Make This Tough for Sandy Barbour

Some solid wins late in the season may be enough to keep the coach around a bit longer

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Well, who’da thunk it? Penn State basketball has a pulse!

After starting the season 0-10 in Big Ten play, the Nittany Lions have put together three wins in their last five games, including a stunning upset over #6 Michigan.

Just one month ago, I asked if this would be Pat Chambers’ last season at Penn State. The overwhelming response was “yes, yes, for the love of all that is good in this world, yes.”

Yet here we are, the Lions looking like a competent basketball team, and once again the conversation is steering toward the inevitable: will Pat Chambers be the head coach next season?

Personally, I still think he’s underachieved enough for Sandy Barbour to let him go. But assuming most every player returns next year, some of these close-but-no-cigar losses could end up being wins.

Will Penn State ever become a regular tournament team under Chambers? I really, highly doubt it.

Is the tournament really what Penn State basketball is about? No, not really. Sure, we’d all like a competitive team, and to at least make the tournament ONCE in a while. But the Lions will never be Duke or Kentucky.

So will Pat be back next year? Who knows, but closing the season on a strong note is going to make the decision that much harder for Sandy.

Time will tell.