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BSD Mailbag 2.22.2019

You asked, I answered!

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Does PSU beating UM in MBB mean another year of the ‘Chambers Experiment’? Because, you know, “Significant Win” and some such horse hockey. - RWReese

I just wrote yesterday’s Midweek Musings discussing this, and I’m honestly torn. Objectively, Chambers has not done much at Penn State in his 8 years. One NIT title and not much else to speak of. Starting 0-10 in the Big Ten this year, to me, should be a death knell. But then the upset of Michigan and a couple other wins, and suddenly recency bias has me thinking he may get another year.

If he does stick around, it’s more because there may not be a better replacement for him at the moment. We’ll see.

How many gifs can a post and comment section contain before they negatively impact page-loading times? - Smee

Do yourself a favor - go to your settings, and choose to hide all images and avatars. Also, while you’re at it, throw an ad blocker on your browser of choice. I promise BSD will load sooooo much faster when you’re done.

Would you allow your in-laws to buy or build you a house?

So wife and I have a house. We have jobs. We are not indigent. I will say our income has decreased since my wife only works a few times a month to allow us to keep our baby at home.

However, we’re expecting baby # 2 and our cape is getting cramped. We always knew we would need a bigger house. No surprises here.

Recently, my wife said her father would be willing to buy a house for us if we really like one and then we can just focus on selling our current home instead of having contingencies. Even more recently, father in-law floated the idea of straight up building a house for us.

I go back and forth. Initially I was hell bent against it. But now I think I might consider it. Obviously, I know how much I can afford so any home he purchases I would promptly get a loan and pay him back once our current house sells. Building seems really impractical because I’m worried the costs will get away from us and then he ends up selling the house he built on the market. - L.O.T.M.

So, I’m honestly on really good terms with my in-laws. And if they had the financial solvency to buy my family a house, it would seem like a pretty good deal. But I’ve long since learned that you do NOT want to mix family and money, no matter how much you like your family. It can lead to perceived favoritism from other family members, and the one that gave you the money (or house) in the first place may then feel like they permanently have a say in what you do with that money (or house). I’d say no.

Follow up to LOTM, with slightly different terms: If you could live in your dream house, in whatever configuration that means to you, but your in-laws had to live there too (either under the same roof, or guest suite on the property, but for the purpose of discussion lot size is under an acre), would you go for it? - vern05

Assuming there was no financial issue like L.O.T.M. mentioned, then absolutely. Like I said, I love my in-laws, and having them around to help with the kids and maintenance, while being in my dream home? Sign me up.

Hypothetically, you can form a team of guys from the portal for the 2019 season

What’s their record if they play in the:

B1G East or SEC West

B1G West or SEC East

ACC Coastal

American Athletic Conference?

Bonus points for

Projected score against 5b and

a 2019 bowl projection. - McCloskeywasinbounds

I assume you’re saying the entirety of the portal, which is a pretty broad group of guys. Given that I could start with Justin Fields and work my way from there, I’d have to say that the team could be pretty good. I’m also assuming that most of the guys in the portal are upper classmen that have been passed over by younger players. A bunch of veteran college players, with a few younger stars in there? Boy howdy, we’d have some fun.

To answer your question:

8-4 in the B1G East/SEC West

9-3 in the B1G West/SEC East

10-2 in the ACC Coastal (crossovers depending)

11-1 in the AAC

48-14 win vs Pitt

28-27 win vs Kentucky in the Citrus Bowl

Have you ever had pizza with scrapple on it? Did you ask for extra siracha catsup? - LarzLion

I’ve tried scrapple a few times, and it’s honestly bad. So no, no scrapple pizza, and no sriracha catsup on it either.

Gimme some sweet, sweet pineapple tho.

Don’t want to open up old hurts but... since a fan shot mentioned the Freeh report I was curious to know your opinion on the current state of PSU’s reputation? I bring this up because a month or so ago somebody I respect called PSU ”one of those beer and football schools”. When I countered with the amount of research the university does, he was surprised. I live in MA and generally find people still do not think well of the school as they did before Sandusky. - psualum9931

I’d say overall there’s still a dark mark on the school, but in general the public is starting to forget. Penn State, to others I’ve talked to, is a good school, known more for football and academics than anything else. I very rarely find someone who brings up Sandusky or the scandal - most often it’s to discuss how Franklin and the current team are doing, rather than the past.

Positive steps!

Hey its Valentines Day. Share the time you really messed up on Valentines Day. Like, really messed up. - skarocksoi

You may not believe this, but I’m actually very mild-mannered. The worst thing I can think of wasn’t Valentine’s Day, but the first birthday my then-girlfriend (now-wife) shared with me.

She asked me what I wanted to do and what I wanted to get for my birthday. I told her I’d love to just get some Chinese takeout, for her to get me The 40 Year Old Virgin DVD, and for us to watch the movie together and eat some kung pow. She did exactly as I asked, and I had a good time overall.

But then, later in the evening, for some reason or other I was on AIM, when someone asked how my birthday was. I replied with “it was okay,” and hurt her feelings over it. We obviously made up, and I’m more sensitive to the words I choose nowadays, but yeah, that’s probably the worst mess up I’ve had in the dating realm.

Would there have been an “authorized” mailbag if vern05 had not written his “unauthorized” one? (Not picking on you, Chris — just being snarky per my MO.) - PSU_Lions_84

Are you doing this mailbag because you are insecure about the recent renegade vern05 mailbag? Did someone in upper management display scorn for the lack of official mailbag content? - MrNoPants

I actually meant to start up off-season mailbags again after NSD earlier this month, but having a newborn at home tends to mess up your intended plans. Mr. 05 just stoked the fire a bit and finally got me moving.

Also, no one likes it when they step out of their lane, VERN.

We know the rasslers basically boast a Murderers’ Row from 157 – 197. Outside those weights, which Lion do you think is most likely to take home a title from Pittsburgh? - PSUHist14

Outside of the usual suspects, my choice is probably a bit far-fetched, but I’ll say Roman Bravo-Young. He’s young (hyuck hyuck), but has been doing some solid wrestling. Is it likely that he wins one? No, of course not, but seeing him at least contend for AA is perfectly reasonable. And anything can happen in any given match, maybe he gets a few really good shots and pulls some upsets, who knows?

Why don’t you go back and recover unanswered mailbags from the past and answer those questions? Focus on the questions which have been rendered moo by time. Anachronism is fun. - SubLime

I’m lazy, mostly. I think so far I’ve actually had answer posts after asking for mailbag questions every time. That has to put me in the top 5% of bloggers worldwide - let’s not get greedy, eh?

Should we worry about Maryland? I met the new TE coach and heard him speak on their RPO game, and that dude was sharrrrrrrrrrp (GA at Clemson and then at Bama with Locksley). If they recruit DMV, they will have talent at the skill positions. - Dbridi

Absolutely. Maryland, for as much crap as we give them, should be a decent team. They’re in a good geographic location for recruiting, they’ve got the UnderArmour money for some new facilities. It just so happens that they play in one of the hardest divisions in college football.

But ask Texas about catching Maryland when their quarterbacks are actually healthy. From top to bottom of the roster, Penn State is more talented, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility that the Terps could catch the Lions napping for a game, and nab a win. The biggest question for me is whether Locksley can actually coach - his overall head coaching record is... not good, and I’m pretty sure I could look like a good OC if I had Bama’s talent to work with. We shall see.


Socialism vs Capitalism. It seems to me that the economic theory of socialism is “hot” right now in the public forum. The US is primarily a capitalist economy, with a pretty noteworthy amount of government intervention in the markets, and has, overall, provided a very good standard of living to a very diverse population. Have we been going down the wrong path for the last couple hundred years? Is more socialism going to improve the plight of a greater number of people than capitalism has? - 48-14

As you said, socialism is starting to gain some traction, particularly with the under-40 crowd - the Millennials, and whatever generation comes after. I don’t believe that the US will ever become a 100% socialist country, but I do believe that better “welfare” policies, mostly funded by increased taxes, will pop up in the next 10-20 years.

Things like health care and college tuition are under heavy scrutiny right now, as they rightly should. Visiting a doctor or trying to get an education shouldn’t cause anyone to declare bankruptcy. Total student debt is into the trillions of dollars if I’m not mistaken, as tuition has soared since the 1970s.

Sooner or later, the younger generations are going to get fed up with constantly being in debt for things like healthcare, and once they get old enough, you’ll see more and more politicians with “democratic socialist” approaches to legislating. Especially when some perceived tax slights seem to favor the mega-rich, while shortchanging the middle and lower classes.

Capitalism helped fuel America into becoming a global superpower, but the income disparity between those few individuals at the top of the food chain, and the regular worker bees seems to be approaching a breaking point. That being said, America was built on the “pull yourself up by your boostraps” mentality, so I don’t see the country ever being anything other than capitalist first.

But, capitalist with some improved welfare systems, such as universal healthcare and free college tuition? Sure, I could see that happening.